USP<797> Compliant Packaging
The first thing you will notice about us is our packaging. All of our products are packaged in double layer plastic not paper or cardboard.

While the outer shipping and protective containers remain as conventional cardboard boxes, the testing materials are contained in plastic and double bagged.

Even the labels are paper free and printed on polypropylene stock.
Scheduled Automatic Shipment
Our testing materials are shipped to your facility at the appropriate dates for testing your staff.

When you choose QCPharma we enroll your staff in our system. The system will prompt your designated contact via email approximately seven days prior to shipment of the testing materials. The testing materials are marked with the name of the staff member to be tested so when they arrive they can be routed to the correct staff member.

This automated system means none of your staff is tardy for required testing and no expensive testing supplies expire unused.

The QCPharma™ Difference.
Relevant Testing Materials

If you use expensive filtered and irradiated alcohol should you not also be testing for the contaminant?

Our dual sided testing paddles are sensitive to areobic bacteria on one side, molds and yeasts on the other. Also we have a device for testing the air flow at different heights in the hood, not just sitting on the floor of the hood as with other products.

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